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Gay Tel Aviv

The gay side of Tel Aviv

Nowhere else in the Middle East will you find a more vibrant gay scene than in Tel Aviv. In fact, Isreal is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to gay or queer issues. A transgender singer represented the country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 and won first prize, bringing transgenders into the Israeli mainstream. In 2007 it became possible for same-sex couples to get married, and anti-discrimination laws also ensure that gay citizens are better protected at the workplace or the army than in other countries in Europe or the United States.
Gay and lesbian characters and issues are well represented on television and literature, contributing to a generally open-minded society. You'll even find a significant number of heterosexuals celebrating at the Gay Pride events which include a parade in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Jerusalem was also the host city of the World Pride events in 2006, with special conferences, tours, and parties. In Tel Aviv, a large number of gay and gay-friendly establishments welcome locals and an increasing number of European visitors on a long weekend break. Its beaches are filled with young cosmopolitan crowds, and its fine restaurants and shops are friendly places for gay and straight. The unofficial gay beach is HILTON BEACH, named after the hotel standing behind it, while between the Hilton and Sheraton Beaches is Cheech Beach which is where most Saturday night gay parties take place.
If you're in the city in June you'll be able to take part in numerous gay pride activities, when thousands of both gay and non-gay people invade the bars of Nahalat Binyamin Street and the clubs of the old port. In fact those areas are the ones to head to at any time of the year, with gay nights taking place at least once a week at some of the city's major "straight" clubs. You can get information about them at any bar in the neighborhood, or choose one of the following places:

EVITA - 31 Yavne St.
One of the oldest gay hotspots in the city, Evita is a trendy lounge bar-restaurant in the historical Bauhaus district. It's a well designed space where you'll see a mixed but mostly gay crowd having a light meal of salads or pastas, or simply having a drink. There's an extensive wine and cocktail list to be enjoyed before going clubbing.

ORNA AND ELLA - 33 Sheinken St.
As the trendiest street in Tel Aviv, Sheinken is also where the hot gay locals hang out. At number 33 you'll find this restaurant that's been preparing gourmet cuisine for over a decade, always served by young waiters.

This lesbian café/bar/art gallery hosts DJ dance parties every week. Theme nights range from 50s to 70s nights, and there are also live shows. While it's aimed at the female clientele, the boys take over once a week for a special night, and do also show up throughout the week for a drink or two.

Levontine 7 bar, Tel Aviv Levontine 7
Using its address as its name, this live music club also regularly hosts the gay Yod party with Madonna and 80s hits.

LIMA LIMA BAR - 42 Lilenblum St.
The weekly Notorious G.A.Y party here is your chance to dance to some hip-hop and R&B together with some classic dance tunes as everyone else sips on cocktails on the terrace.

The Pop Ring at the Theater Club
A young crowd parties at these special nights inside the Theater Club, usually taking place every other week on Thursdays. Expect lots of pop and dance music by various DJs and live acts.

Big Boys at the Theater Club
Home to the regular Pop Ring party, the Theater Club also hosts something for a more mature crowd, meaning over 29, once a month. The music is the same, lots of pop and dance sounds, also making it just as popular and with the same friendly party vibe.

PAG AT BRAZILAY CLUB - 13 Harechev St.
This grand industrial space hosts rotating DJs and themed parties, and one of them is Pag, when gay guys move to electro and techno late into the night/morning.


PARADISE - 75 Allenby St.
You'll find a number of out-of-towners at this sauna together with local men. It offers a Jacuzzi, steam room, private rooms, a bar, and even free internet.


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